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How it all works together

TEAM New New

37 full-time workers and 121 part-time workers
42 different nationalities across full-time and part-time workers
To us, inclusion isn’t just a word. We live it. Our diverse team makes sure we are ready for the challenges of the new new.

Our principles

Where it all started


The best businesses often start with a simple idea. Back in 2015, our founder Robin Balser came to Germany to visit his parents. He had just organised his first event, selling second-hand clothes from a closing-down sale in the Netherlands. His friend asked him if he was willing to do the same in his home town of Mainz.

The response was overwhelming: 450 people showed up, queueing for over an hour to get their hands on vintage clothes. Robin immediately knew he had found a gap in the market and launched Facebook events in all major German cities. People couldn’t get enough of the mix of wine, music and vintage – and Vinokilo was born.

Today, Vinokilo is present in 14 countries, providing secondhand as a genuine alternative to fast fashion for thousands of people.

Meet the family

A pledge to our customers

Vinokilo believes that customer service and satisfaction are critical to the success of our company and our mission.  We are committed to continuously improving our service. It’s because of our customers that we exist, and we, therefore, commit ourselves to the following: 

You, our customers, can return 100% of our products within 30 days. We want you to enjoy your purchase. 

We put our customers first- you deserve the highest quality of customer service. We’ll find prompt and accurate answers or solutions to any product problem you might face. We know it can be confusing if you are new to vintage clothing. Whether it’s about sizing, materials or something else, our team is happy to advise you. You never have to wait more than 4 hours for an answer from us. We also promise that you’re doing your bit to save the planet with your purchase: all Vinokilo products are 100% secondhand or sustainably produced. Guaranteed. 

Vintage is for everyone. We want to cater to all body types, backgrounds, and ages. We believe that diversity is better for all of us. And we can all be a part of that. Let us fight your corner and make sure your voice is heard.

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