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37 full-time workers and 121 part-time workers
24 different nationalities across full-time and part-time workers
To us, inclusion isn’t just a word. We live it. Our diverse team makes sure we are ready for the challenges of the new new.

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Where it all started


The best businesses often start with a simple idea. Back in 2015, our founder Robin Balser came to Germany to visit his parents. He had just organised his first event, selling second-hand clothes from a closing-down sale in the Netherlands. His friend asked him if he was willing to do the same in his home town of Mainz.

The response was overwhelming: 450 people showed up, queueing for over an hour to get their hands on vintage clothes. Robin immediately knew he had found a gap in the market and launched Facebook events in all major German cities. People couldn’t get enough of the mix of wine, music and vintage – and Vinokilo was born.

Today, Vinokilo is present in 14 countries, providing secondhand as a genuine alternative to fast fashion for thousands of people.

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